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Kick-Start Consultation
The Process

Once the consultation is arranged and the inital deposit is paid
The Kick-Start process will entail;

1. The Inital Consultation
One of our team will visit your home to discuss your ideas which will take between one and two hours.
It is a good idea to write down your thoughts and possibley collect images and ideas so that they are ready and top of mind when we meet.
We are really interested to understand and issues that you have with your current home such as accessability, warmth etc.
We also want to understand what your dreams and aspirations are for your home.
The more information that we can get at this stage the better, as this will be used to create the design brief that will be used throughout the design process.

2. Basic Survey
During the inital visit to you home, we will carry out a basic survey to allow basic plans to be drawn.
This is not a full measured survey, this will be required at a later date once the scheme progresses.
If you have any existing plans available, these would be most useful.

3. Design Team Intervention
This is where the magic happens….
We will pull together all of the information to develp the design brief into a solution to the problems and a roadmap to realising the potential of your property.

4. The Report
The output is a detailed report which includes everything that you need to know to move your project forward.
Initial Designs - Ball Park Costs - Programme - Planning Advice - Building Regulations Requirements
The balancing payment will be invoiced at this stage, and on recipt of the payment, the report will be issued.

5. Next Steps
The report will include details of the next steps and conclusions.
Once you have read and digested the information, you are then able to proceed with the next stage of the project.
We will attach out appointment docuemnts for the next stages whcih will include a ull breakdown of our fees.

The Report

Each Kick Start Report is unique to the client and their property, and is the ultimate outcome form this appointment.
They will generally include the following;

Initial scheme designs which may include simple floor plans. 
There is an option to add 3D Sketched and Renedered images to give you a good idea how the designs may look.

Outline ballpark costs for the overall scheme, this will assist with financial planning, but at this stage are only approximate.
There is an option to adda detailed cost estimate which would give you more reasurance of the financial implications moving forward.

An indication of the timescales for each section of the project so that you can get an idea of the time that it will take to complete.

Specific planning advice regarding the proposals, this will vary depending upon the specific project and the site location. We will advise regarding the best way forward for you.

Advice regarding the specific requirements to ensure that your work is compliant with the latest building regulations.

An idea of the team that will be involved, from engineers to surveyors.

We will suggest the next steps if you decide to move things forward. This will include details of our fees.


Fees and Options

Basic Package: 

Includes up to three layouts
presented in plan format.

Fixed Fee

Enhanced Package: 

Includes the basic package
plus a 3D sketch model of the scheme

Fixed Fee

Premium Package: 

Includes the basic package plus a 3D photo rendered model of the scheme

Fixed Fee

Please note:
There will be additiaonl cost for schemes that are more than a one hour drive from our offices at LE16 9AF.
An inital deposit will be required when booking the inital consultation

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